Writing Prompt

Possible writing prompt questions:

Who is the person? 

What is inside that building?

How does this picture make you feel?

Would you want to go here? Why or why not?

What are some other places that might be creepy at night?




Spooky Ship: Possible short text?

Silent Tea Party: Pre-Reading for Challenging Texts

Here is a video I found at the Teaching Channel:

Silent Tea Party: Pre-Reading for Challenging Texts

Bilbo Baggins Is a Girl: Slate


Martin Freeman and Graham McTavish in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012)

Until children’s books catch up to our daughters, rewrite them.

By , Slate.com

My 5-year-old insists that Bilbo Baggins is a girl.


The first time she made this claim, I protested. Part of the fun of reading to your kids, after all, is in sharing the stories you loved as a child. And in the story I knew, Bilbo was a boy. A boy hobbit. (Whatever that entails.)


But my daughter was determined. She liked the story pretty well so far, but Bilbo was definitely a girl. So would I please start reading the book the right way?






Isn’t it always?