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Student Writing Tool:

I have the privilege of attending an afternoon PD session on teacher websites as well as blogging, and Danika showed me a blogging site called

Here’s the description from the website:

Built for Teachers

Kidblog is designed for K-12 teachers who want to provide each student with an individual blog. Students publi

sh posts and participate in academic

discussions within a secure classroom blogging community. Teachers maintain complete control over student blogs and user accounts


Here are suggestions on how to use

Use Kidblog to:

  • create classroom discussions

  • learn digital citizenship

  • practicing writing skills

  • create an e-portfolio

  • reflect on learning

  • formatively assess writing

Danika has been telling the teachers in the session today that she herself has set up a class but she has spoken to ‘non-techno’ teachers (my term) and they were able to set up their blog in under 20 minutes!

I believe that Danika said she spent time up front typing in all of the students’ names, which is a bit of a pain, but in doing that, she was able to maintain control over the blogs, including giving students a password, which the teacher then obviously maintains.

Sounds very cool.

Some other notes from Danika:

  • Having students post a reflection after a Literature Circle discussion and then students have to comment on two or more other students’ blogs.
  • Danika used to use Ning (as I did) which is a site that allowed for safe, private social networking, as I did. Used to be free, now it is not, and Kidblog has almost all the same functionality as Ning.
  • Don’t be thrown or put off by the name, Kidblog. The name won’t be as prominent later once you customize your page.
  • All students’ blogs appear on Danika’s homepage.
  • Students use real first name for accountability but no last names for anonymity, and no outside internet user can see their blog posts.
  • There is an app for both Apple and Android, which can help if there is limited lab availability.
  • Very similar to — if not the same as — Word Press.

USA Today: E-books are changing reading habits

It also has altered the way people find books, since they don’t walk around the bookstore as often.


Technology is changing the way Americans read, and those under 40 are leading the way.
Bob Minzesheimer, USA TODAY11:31 a.m. EDT October 7, 2013

David Delk, 47, remembers “the old days,” when his extended family went on vacation carrying three or four bags filled with about 30 books and another 30 magazines.

In a digital age, packing is easier. 

Last summer, Delk; his wife, Ruthie; their three children, ages 17 to 22; and nine other relatives went on their annual family vacation equipped with a variety of reading devices.

“There were probably seven Kindles, nine iPads and two other tablets between the 14 of us,” says Delk, president of Man in the Mirror, a Christian ministry in Casselberry, Fla.