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iLit: Create-Your-Own Collection

I few days ago, I had the privilege of observing part of the selection process as Glendale DHS‘s English Department continue to create their own iLit collection of stories for their school.

Glendale iLit meeting

McGraw Hill explains the iLit program this way: “iLit is a fresh collection of unique, contemporary, literary and media selections for Canadian high schools. iLit creators range from award winning authors such as Joseph Boyden, Jean Little, and Heather O’Neill to high school students.

In this photo, I was given an iPad by Cathy the Department Head so that I could follow along with what was on the screen at the front of the room. The meeting consisted of  Department members speaking in favour of or against reading selections that they had read ‘as homework’ prior to this meeting. And there were snacks. Mmmmm, snacks….

Thank you very much, Glendale English Department for having me and letting me watch your process!

* In addition, the English Department at Saunders has also gone through this process selection and they are now using their iLit collections in classes.