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NHL Goalie quotes Shakespeare?

Ben Scrivens’ new mask with Kings quotes William Shakespeare

Scrivens' new mask harkens to days of yonder. (USATSI)Ben Scrivens is known for his intelligence, being given the nickname The Professor since joining the LA Kings this last offseason. Given his education from Cornell (and his choice in leisurely listening), it’s a fitting nickname, which makes his new mask in LA the same.

Instead of going purely artistic with some cool or scary graphic, Scrivens has gone a bit more scholarly. His mask simply quotes William Shakespeare over its solid black design. One side of the mask quotes MacBeth while the other takes from King Lear. Yes, they were both kings.

From LA Kings Insider:

From King Lear:
Allow not nature more than nature needs,
Man’s life is cheap as beast’s.

From Macbeth:
The cry is still “They come!” Our castle’s strength
Will laugh a siege to scorn

Scrivens acknowledged that quoting Macbeth in a theater is bad luck — and the National Hockey League certainly provides excellent theatre every night — but wow! That Macbeth quote is an awfully strong depiction of the Kings’ team defense, which in a hockey sense laughed the Florida Panthers’ siege to scorn on Sunday.

The funny thing is…