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Are novels elitist and a waste of time?

Noel Gallagher’s comments in interview spark debate

Noel Gallagher has never been afraid to stick his neck out. And recent comments by the former Oasis guitarist and solo artist have once again generated media headlines. Gallagher has claimed that reading all fictional books is a waste of time, and that people who read novels are attempting to indicate that they are in some way superior to the rest of the population. Largely the response to his statement has been one of castigation, but do his comments ultimately have any credibility?

Surprisingly, some people involved in publishing believe so. According to Cathy Retzenbrink of the Bookseller, Gallagher has actually raised what she called an “incredibly serious point”. She believes that Gallagher is in fact saying what a great deal of people in the country feel, which is that people who are confident about the written word look down on those who are not.

This may be a reasonable point…