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Wuthering Heights: Before Reading


In books such as I Read It, But I Don’t Get It, Cris Tovani lists reading behaviours of successful or proficient readers.

These behaviours are:

  1. Activating background knowledge
  2. Self-questioning the text while reading.
  3. Drawing inferences.
  4. Determining importance
  5. Employing Fix-Up Strategies when meaning breaks down.
  6. Using sensory images to visualize
  7. Synthesizing and extending meaning

Here, I will begin at the beginning. I have often, if not always employed, deliberately asking students to brainstorm any preconceptions they have about a text before we begin. To put a shape to that pre-text brainstorming, I have used an Advance Organizer, brainstorming on a word web as a class, or a Value Line.

For this activity, I decided to use a K-W-L chart, with the “K” meaning that students write everything they already know — or think they know — about a topic or text.

Here are my K preconceptions:

  • Gothic text (but what that means exactly I confess to not knowing)
  • Considered one of the greatest texts ever written
  • Considered one of the greatest love stories ever written
  • Turn of the century time period
  • Overly flowery language.
  • Unnecessarily long descriptions.

Up next: Activating Background Knowledge, Framing a Text and Providing a Purpose